Monday, December 27, 2010

the path to a new year

this past year has been a real eyesore to me. it is ending with so much pain so little time to think. but through it all god has been good to a man like me who doesnt deserve another second of life. i used to fight death of myself but after what i've been through this year i see no more reason to fight death. god you have let me live so far. you've let people in and out of my life but there is something i waited to do all year and it's time has finally come. from this moment on i will stop making friends with people who are against my core values. from now on i will stop forming relationships that put another person down. and in the end one thing is true...2011 will either find me dead most probably or a new and better individual. that i swear will be what takes me through the next three days on my countdown to new years eve...AND I'LL FOREVER LEAVE WHOEVER WAS IN MY PAST BEHIND AND WALK FORWARD WITH MY LIFE...THAT IS MY RESOLUTION.

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