Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One More Chance

I'm so glad you did this
Im so glad you gave me one more chance.
Im so glad you loved me enough to think of me.

Praise God above for what he has done for me
by helping you face your fears. I love you.
Give me another chance...I begged it
You heard me and reopened the door

What can I do now but just be grateful?
You are the person who helped me out of my hole
in what was undoubtedly the worst time in my life.
I always heard I loved you...Always

I never proved it to myself that you were the object of affection
but i have proved it to myself that my life would never be the same without you.
And after all we have been through, Naoto...
All the lies and all the times we thought we were lying...

...I have come to realize one thing...
I love and I cant live without you Naoto...

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

My best friend

And my forever Sun...

Thank you.

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